Could SkySaver be the answer to high rise rescue especially in Singapore? (video)

“Click, Hook, Exit”

In Singapore, most of us live in high rise buildings. When it comes to escape route during an emergency, it is always limited to staircases. Of course, over the years, the stair wells have improved. Most modern buildings come with fire retardant doors (e.g. front door, stair well) to prevent fire from coming in (not the smoke though). What if (touch wood) the fire is right in front of your apartment? How do you escape? This SkySaver might be the answer.


In their website, it is touted as the “ultimate personal rescue device”

In the event of an emergency, simply strap on the backpack, attach the fire-resistant cable to a secure anchor point, exit the nearest window, and the SkySaver automatically lowers you to safety down the side of the building.

Here is how it works.

I think the concept is simple and easy to execute. A backpack that can be transformed to become a life saving equipment. The essence of this device (in my opinion) is the controlled descent device and automatic braking system.

If you have done rappelling before, you will know that you need to control the rope to descent smoothly. And you will need a good brake man or braking mechanism to prevent you from falling down if you lose control. With the device on SkySaver, it has done all the work and all you need is to push yourself away from the wall (if needed) and descent safely. Quite cool in my opinion.

They have two versions: SkySaver SKS 160 (50m), SkySaver SKS 260 (80m). Both are on offer online but are already sold out.

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I think if this is to execute in Singapore, do not choose the anchor point from the kitchen windows. You will need to fight with bamboo poles (or aluminium poles) for drying clothes along the way down. And DO NOT try to use the windows grilles as support. It might not withstand the weight. Finally, if you live at a super high floor, good luck. The cable on the SkySaver might not be able to let you reach the ground with its maximum length of 80m.

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