The real Hoverboard that works (video)

I will never forget the scene from Back to the Future II where Michael J Fox snatched a hoverboard and tried to outrun the people chasing him. In the movie, the year was 2015. And next year will be 2015. Are we ready for hoverboard? Till date, we have seen fake ones like the one from Mattel and this fake viral video. Now, things are going to change as a company is trying their hand on a working hoverboard that is slated to be ready on Oct 2015. This Hendo Hoverboard is currently on Kickstarter and is almost funded.


Here is a proof of concept.

Before you support this project, do read the details. According to them, you will NOT get the working hoverboard. Instead, you can pay a premium amount to test it on a skate park that is specially built for it (you need special surface for it to work).


And if you are a developer, you can purchase the “Whitebox” that is literally a white box that will hover using the same engine as the hoverboard. So, I think a real hoverboard that has the same features shown on the movie is still years away. Don’t you think so?

Click Here to Check Out Hendo Hoverboard on Kickstarter


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