Hooke, the 3D audio headphones (video)

Hooke  is not just a simple headphones that you listen to music or answer calls. It is an earphone that records the surrounding in 3D. According to the inventor, with Hooke, you can record sound in 3D with its unique placement of the microphones. And according to him, sound should be listened in 3D and not 2D.


As a blogger and sometimes, people called us journalist, I have my reservation. The reason is because when you are recording someone talking, it is best that you record them with a directional microphone. With a”3D” microphone, I am sure there are  “noises” that you will capture (which might be no good).  However, as a normal user who wants to experience the environment again, I think this is really immersive. Check out this video and let me know how you think.

It has not yet reached its funding goal (but close) on Kickstarter. If you really like it, you should support it.

ClicK Here to Check Out Hooke: Wireless 3D Audio Headphones


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