Wacaco Minipresso is your mini handheld Espresso Machine, no batteries needed (video)

If you love to have a cup of espresso wherever you need, Wacaco Minipresso might be the little gadget you need. You see, Minipresso is actually a mini handheld espresso machine that requires no electric or battery power. Just use your hand to pump 8-bar (or 116 PSI) pressure to for your cup of coffee.


It is that simple. And you know what, the most attractive features on this handheld espresso machine are: its portability, ease of use and price point. It is now on pre-order for just USD39. It is slated for delivery in early 2015. It may sound far but 2015 is just a few months away.

Here is the video on how you can make a nice cup of espresso on the move.

I think for those who loves the outdoor, this might be the best gadget around.

Click Here to Pre-Order Your Wacaco Minipresso Now

PS: It comes in two form. One is grind coffee and the other is using Caffitaly capsule.


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