Samsung unveils GALAXY Note 4, Note Edge, Gear S and Gear VR

Finally, Samsung unveiled the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 and Gear S smartwatch at IFA 2014. However, what is interesting is the next few products. They are the Samsung GALAXY Note Edge, a smartphone with a curve or slant edge for independent display, and the Gear VR, a VR headset that incorporates Oculus technology and the Note 4 into one badass Virtual Reality headset.


So, a total of 4 products and we only know 2 of them. I think Samsung has done a good job in keeping the new products from everyone, especially on the news that they collaborated with Oculus.

Here are some notes that I have taken during the Samsung Live Streaming.

Samsung GALAXY Note 4


Here is the intro video

  • 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED screen
  • Connectivity: LTE Category 6
  • weighs 176g
  • Only 8.5mm thin
  • Comes in Black, White, Gold and Pink
  • Has Dynamic Lock screen features that works with Yahoo or third party contents.
  • Multi windows capability




  • S Pen (More pressure levels)




  • Smart Select (select different pictures and collect together for easy attachment and distribution)


  • Snap Note (A simple yet productive feature)


  • 13 MPX Rear camera with OIS (90 degrees angle), front 3.7 MPX camera (F1.9)


  • 120 degree wide selfie (Front camera) – This feature can really allow a large group of people to take a selfie (or welfie) together.


  • Battery – charges from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes (Fast Charging)


  • Low power consumption with 7.5% increase in battery life.


  • Advanced Voice Recorder with 3 mics and Noise Cancellation


  • S View cover, Flip wallet, LED Cover
  • Swarovski cover


  • Mont Blanc accessories – Pix, e-StarWalker, Flip cover (Extreme, Soft Grain)
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Samsung GALAXY Note Edge

As the name implies, it has an edge display. This is something new in the mobile industry. I admire Samsung’s courage to explore new territory , just like when they launched the first GALAXY Note 1 in 2011.


The edge or slant display is independent from the main screen. It can display notification, and even camera functions.


It is customizable.




Samsung Gear S


The device is quite big. Here is one worn by a woman.


Check out the 2-inch curved screen.


Here is the intro video.

If you need more information, you can click HERE.

To use the Gear S for the first time, user will need to connect it to a smart device. And likewise, for software/firmware update, it also need to connect to device. Here are some features of the watch.


Next, for those who like Swarovski, check out the watch bands for Samsung Gear S.


Samsung Gear VR


The Samsung Gear VR is powered by the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 and with the technology from Oculus. Notice the GALAXY Note 4 is inserted into the Oculus.



And here is the photo of the Samsung Gear VR but from different angle.


It has a wide viewing angle.


And that is it for all the 4 new products from Samsung at IFA 2014.

In my opinion, the Samsung GALAXY Note Edge and the Samsung Gear VR are game changer, and a tough act for other manufacturers to follow. Of course, there might be a chance that the adoption rate of these new devices might be slow. I hope to see these devices soon.

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I will post up the Press Release once I get them.