Get ready for a brand new Comex 2014

Hands up for those who are desensitized to these words, IT Show, PC show and etc. We shall see if Comex 2014 is going to be different this year according to their website. As usual, we will be talking about good deals from the event.


Over the years, there has been a decline in the interest of such shows. From my experiences, they are always similar although there are genuine good deals. And many big companies are starting to host their own trade shows. So, in the perspective of a consumer, you are constantly being bombarded with good deals throughout the year, which are good BTW.

It is only recently, we see a shift (for the better) in the way the organizers are planning the shows. There are more specialized areas for consumers to test out the gadgets and other activities to engage them. My only hope is that they can stop companies from promoting credit cards using some free gadgets to entice the crowd. You are in a gadget show, get it! We can find out own “lobang” for good gadgets.

Moving on, this year, Comex 2014 will have something different. There will be a Booth Babes Contest, Tech Fashion Show and Gamers’ Hub. And I think they have revamped the website to make it more “modern”.

The show will start from 28th to 31st August at Suntec Singapore Level 4 and 6. However, I do know that some vendors are not there this year. For example, I have confirmation that StarHub will not be at this year Comex 2014. Instead, they encourage fans to visit their Facebook Page and consumers to visit their promotion page for good deals.

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So, for those who are going, mark the date for Comex 2014.


Admission is free. Remember to check out the tag on TechieLobang for good news:  Comex2014

Have fun!