Don’t you wish you have this electronic makeup now? (video)

I believe the day is near when women or man can just wear a mask (like those facial mask) and it will be able to “put on” or project the makeup on your face, effortlessly on your side. You will be able to download templates and based on your features, it will adjust correctly and accurately for you.


Too good to be true? I think so. So, here is something that has already been done that is similar to what I described. However, they are using a projection to track the face in real-time.

Just a warning before you watch the video. It may get scary towards the end. And maybe by the end of the video, you will wish that the technology that I described never exist.

In this project, this person, Nobumichi Asai, used Omote, a combination of real-time face tracking and projection mapping to transform the model’s face into patterns.

At first, it is fascinating to look at. When the patterns get more complex, you will realize that you can never know what is underneath the projection. What do you think?