It is mesmerizing to watch 1,000 robots working for a common goal (video)

Swarm robots have been around for years. If you noticed, many are just concepts or have a few robots as a proof of concepts. I have always been fascinated with these swarm robots. However, I bet you have not seen swarm robots in this massive scale (1,000 of them working together!)


If you have watched the recent movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, you might have noticed a scene where it has thousands of fighter crafts locked together to form a shield to protect the city. Unfortunately, in the movie, they did not have a good outcome as many died performing their jobs. This will not happen if they use swarm robots that I am about to show you.

The good people of Harvard University have designed a swarm robot that is specifically to work in large groups. These swarm robots are not perfect. However, because they communicate with one another, they are able to form unique patterns nevertheless.

Watch how they formed up those shapes. BTW, they are quite slow in their work. Luckily, the video had been edited to show you the best part. If I can has 2 minutes of your time, you will understand what I meant.

Are you fascinated by it? Want to know more? Click HERE to read from The Verge. The future looks bright but hopefully robots don’t take over the human race.