StarHub TV pays tribute to Robin Williams

With the shocking news of the demise of Robin Williams, the world mourns on the lost of a good actor. For me, the most memorable movie that Robin Williams acted was the Dead Poets Society. It helps me to look at things differently after watching the movie. Now that he is gone, StarHub has lined up a series of shows featuring Robin Williams.

RV, picture credit: HBO Asia

Some people did mention that why do we only sing praises of the people only when they passed on. Why not do it when they need help so that they can feel better. Maybe here is another perspective. People sing praises because the person is really worth mentioning. Take it as a way to honor him/her. When they are alive, we do sing praises but it may not be concentrated to just a single day. It is just that we did not notice and not that it did not happen. Right?

FOX Movies Premium (StarHub TV Channel 622)

15 Aug @ 7:35pm – The Face of Love (premiere)

15 Aug @ 9:10 pm – Night at the Museum

15 Aug @ 11pm – The Big Wedding


DIVA (StarHub TV Channel 522)

14 Aug @ 9.25pm – Patch Adams


HBO Family (StarHub TV Channel 604)


12 Aug – 6:30pm

16 Aug – 5:25am

17 Aug – 11:45pm

27 Aug – 8pm

28 Aug – 11am

Bicentennial Man

13 Aug – 6:30pm

14 Aug – 9:30am

23 Aug – 4pm

24 Aug – 1pm

31 Aug – 7:15am


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