HTC Volantis rumored tablet might have 5GB of RAM

You might have already heard about HTC Volantis. It is the rumored 8.9-inch HTC Nexus Tablet. Now, you might have seen tablets with 3GB of RAM but the latest rumor is saying that HTC Volantis will have 5GB RAM which is unprecedented (correct me if I am wrong).


The above picture is supposedly the macro shot of the latest HTC Volantis (a codename) tablet. It has an interesting word, FLOUNDER, imprinted on it. Not sure when it means. And if you strand your eyes, you might notice that the other arrow is pointing to 2 words, Android Silver (Click here to see the original image).

From the ever reliable EVleaks, it has these specs:

  • Silver aluminum unibody
  • 64-bit Tegra K1 (testing with Snapdragon processor 810)
  • 5GB DDR3 (non-final)
  • 8.9″ 1680×1050 (should ship with 2560×1600)
  • 64GB, 5MP/1080p (8MP at retail?)
  • Boomsound

Not sure if any of the above is true but it is always exciting to know that a new tablet with interesting specs is coming our way.

(source from PocketNow)

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