Samsung latest smartphone accessory is a smart bike (video)

You read it right. The headline is correct. In my opinion, one of the Samsung newest products is actually an accessory for the smartphone. Meet Samsung Smart Bike, It is an urban bicycle that has technology hidden inside it, all controlled by a Samsung Smartphone.


First it has a magnetic area at the middle of the handle bar to hold your phone. No more holder, brackets and etc. Neat. Next, it has laser to clearly define the expected safety distance of the bike all with the touch of an app on the smartphone. There are more (i.e. rear video camera). You should check out the video.

Interested? There is no known plan to make it available. So, share this post if you want Samsung to know that people are interested.

BTW, more information on the innards of the Smart Bike.

What makes it smart, though? An arduino computer works in conjunction with your smartphone, connecting your bike to your handset. Track rides, see who else is around in real-time, and even share via a social platform. There is also a rear-facing camera which can give you a look behind you without having to actually look back.

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