Fake iPhone footage and banners showed up just before WWDC 2014 (video)

In just 24 hours or less before WWDC 2014 starts (2 to 6 June), it is normal that everyone will be particularly sensitive to any WWDC related news, especially news about the new iPhone. And this is a big opportunity for people to fake things up just before the event. So, when you are browsing through the Internet, don’t believe what you are seeing..


Fake Rehearsal Footage

I think the person who come up with this footage is brilliant. With just an old picture, this person added a rendered video of the supposedly new iPhone, some background talk and camera shake to come up with this video.

So how do I know? Some brilliant people took the challenge to search for the picture.

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Here is the rendered and the original picture.


Fake Banner

This is quite believable because Apple actually did something like that in 2004 but addressing to Redmond (referring to Microsoft if you are thinking what Redmond might be).


However, WWDC is actually more software than hardware related. So, I think those fakers are over-doing it. Here is the original picture that shows a 8. Most probably referring to iOS 8.


So, don’t believe what you see. Let me know if you can find more.. šŸ™‚