How to claim S$100 into your ActiveSG account (video)

As some may already know, Singapore is asking its citizen to embrace a healthy lifestyle. As such, the Sports Singapore (formerly the Singapore Sports Council) has started an initiative, ActiveSG.



As quoted in their website FAQ: “.. ActiveSG is an all-encompassing and inclusive national movement for sport where all can experience the joy of living better through sport.

FYI, ActiveSG is officially launched on 26 April 2014 at Jurong West Sports Centre. Currently, Singapore Citizen and PR can apply the membership for free. And if you verify your account, you can get S$100 into your ewallet.

Here is the video to show you how to sign up.

Click Here to Download the ActiveSG app for Android


Click Here to Download the ActiveSG app for iOS

What the video did not show you is the verification part, and in my opinion, the most troublesome. Once you sign up, you may be prompted to verify your account.


You can verify immediately or later, but please verify your account to get the S$100. When you press the “Verify my Account”, it will send you to ActiveSG website. You will need to log in. Once logged in, it will request you to log in to your Singpass ID to verify.

This is how it looks like after verification. On the left (of the picture below) is the ActiveSG website where I verify my link. On the right is the app on my Android phone that shows ActiveSG ewallet information.


Not bad just for that few minutes of work. Actually there are OTHER WAYS to register for ActiveSG membership. Follow this link for more information.

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Ok. Lets take a look at the ActiveSG app. Here are some features of the apps –

All user types
Registered users. Verified members. Supplementary (family) accounts. Junior (under-16) members. All can use ActiveSG with varying privileges.

Smart search
Search for a sports facility nearby, view its location and check its amenities. Ask the app to recommend best possible venues for your interests.

End-to-end booking
Venue, date and time selection. Course registrations. Event sign-ups. Shopping cart with options for add-on items. Payments, cancellations and refunds.

One-touch booking
The app remembers all your previous bookings so you can grab your favourite slots the next time round. No need to retrace your steps.

Virtual ID
Check in and check out of a swim or gym facility, by scanning the QR code on your mobile phone screen (after buying an entry pass).

So, get on your smartphone and download the ActiveSG app now. The S$100 is valid till Dec-2015.