Passenger filmed plane engine on fire in mid-air, crazy? (video)

Imagine seating comfortable in a window seat while the aircraft took off. Then suddenly you saw sparks coming out from the plane’s engine. What would you do? This guy did something that you will appreciate (or condemn) after watching the video.


He took out his mobile phone and filmed it. You might think that he is mad to film it but think again, what could he do at that moment? Nothing, except to stay calm and collected while the pilot tried to extinguish the fire.  Watch the video.

BTW, this person is Brad McCoy and the aircraft managed to extinguish the fire on the engine and fly back safely with the 92 passenger on board. The Cobham Aviation flight was actually traveling from Perth to Barrow Island in Australia.

What would you have done in that situation? Read the full report by CNET to understand why they were so calm..


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