M1 partners GrabTaxi, why didn’t taxi companies think of it?

As M1 partners with GrabTaxi, taxi companies should ponder hard what has really happened. If you read this and you find this statement curious, you might be a Singaporean or living in Singapore. GrabTaxi is not a taxi company yet taxi companies should fear it. Why is M1 partnering GrabTaxi instead of others taxi companies?

Screenshot of billing service

If you ask anyone taking taxis in Singapore during the peak hours, it is never a good experience. Before GrabTaxi, you might think that it is already the best (to provide taxis or even to pick up your call during peak hours) that taxi companies can provide.

Now, with GrabTaxi, the experiences of the commuters improved. You do the math. Taxi companies can actually cry later for not noticing it faster that they have to evolve with technology instead of being limited by it.

It is always good to share such news to everyone. Don’t you think so?

Press Release

M1 partners GrabTaxi to offer carrier billing

  • Singapore’s first carrier billing service for taxi drivers
  •   First 10,000 M1 customers will enjoy $3 off taxi fare with their first GrabTaxi booking

SINGAPORE, 23 APRIL 2014 – M1 Limited (M1) today announced Singapore’s first ever carrier billing service for taxi drivers.

GrabTaxi connects passengers quickly to available taxi drivers in the vicinity through its GPS-enabled smartphone app. Since GrabTaxi’s launch in October 2013, it has become the second largest taxi network in Singapore, and has enabled many taxi drivers to enjoy increased earnings of over 30%. Drivers pay GrabTaxi a small fee for bookings made through its app.

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M1’s carrier billing service, available immediately, will allow taxi drivers to pay GrabTaxi through their M1 bill, instead of having to make a trip to GrabTaxi’s office. Taxi drivers will also enjoy a 20% bonus for each S$10, S$30, or S$50 top up.

“Time is money, and we are pleased to work with GrabTaxi to allow Singapore’s hardworking and tech-savvy taxi drivers to top up their GrabTaxi credits more conveniently,” said Mr P. Subramaniam, Chief Marketing Officer, M1.

“Our focus has always been to ensure our users have the best possible experience when using GrabTaxi. This goes beyond helping passengers get rides as fast as possible and drivers to increase their incomes, but also extends to making the entire aspect as simple as possible for everyone,” said Mr Lim Kell Jay, General Manager, GrabTaxi.

To mark the first partnership of its kind in Singapore, the first 10,000 M1 customers who book a taxi ride with the GrabTaxi app will enjoy a S$3 discount. The offer is valid between now until 31 May 2014. The free GrabTaxi app for smartphones and tablets is available from Google Play (Android), App Store (iOS), Windows Phone, and the BlackBerry World app store. For information on redeeming this discount, please visit: www.m1.com.sg/grabtaxi.

About M1

M1 is Singapore’s most vibrant and dynamic communications company, providing mobile and fixed services to over 2 million customers. Established in 1997, M1 achieved many firsts, including the first operator to offer nationwide 4G service, as well as ultra high-speed fixed broadband, fixed voice and other services on the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (NGNBN). With a continual focus on network quality, customer service, value and innovation, M1 links anyone and anything; anytime, anywhere. For more information, visit www.m1.com.sg.

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About GrabTaxi

GrabTaxi is a for-profit social start-up with a mission to revolutionise the taxi industry. GrabTaxi started in Kuala Lumpur and now has operations in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Runners-up in the 2011 Harvard Business School Business Plan Contest, its core product is a taxi-dispatch service with GPS-enhancements, allowing passengers to hail the nearest taxi with extreme ease. Since 2012, tens of thousands of taxi drivers have been using the GrabTaxi mobile application to receive bookings.  Passengers can book taxis on their smartphones and tablets (iOS: http://bit.ly/myteksi-ios, Android: http://bit.ly/myteksi-android, Windows: http://bit.ly/myteksi-windows and Blackberry: http://bit.ly/myteksi-blackberry) with ease and enjoy a great user experience. As a humble start-up, GrabTaxi believes that business and social value can be achieved in parallel. It hopes to make a difference in Singapore’s public transportation by making it easier, safer and more efficient to book taxis. For more information, please visit: http://www.grabtaxi.com.