Teasers for the All New HTC One

As 25th March is coming soon (ok, I know, a few more weeks), we are getting more teasers on HTC latest handset. In UK, Selfridges, a poster is up and telling the world to anticipate HTC latest product, the All New HTC One with the slogan “Feel it”.


Here is another poster, “Experience It”


There have been so many leaks about the latest HTC product. It has names that range from HTC New All One, All New HTC One, HTC One 2, HTC One Plus, HTC One M8 and etc.

The most prominent leak is the 12 minutes video of the All New HTC One (I presume). So, I guess the only surprise from HTC is that it shows a totally different device. Anyway, the teaser did not end with the poster. HTC UK also posted a picture on the event date.


And on the final teaser as of today, it shows the 25.3 (25th March) and a picture collage. Not sure what it means.


Are you excited?! I think more information will come out from HTC UK Twitter Account.