MyWay Quick e-Scooter and sneak preview of X-Robot (video)

Recently, I was doing some research on last-mile solution in Singapore. I gathered a few products in the market and one of them is MyWay Quick e-Scooter. Although I could make a quick round up of these products, I decided to pay Falcon PEV a visit since they are the distributor for MyWay Quick. And check out my sneak preview of X-Robot, their next product (you might be the first to see it here 🙂 )

MyWay Quick in White and Black configuration.

What is MyWay Quick?

MyWay Quick is a Skate Scooter with motor. It is designed by an Israel Industrial Designer Nimrod Sapir a few years ago. What differentiates MyWay Quick with the rest of the electric scooters is its big 10-inch pneumatic wheels and the use of disc brake (greater safety) on the rear wheel. Plus its quick release mechanism means that it is able to fold and unfold within seconds.

Who is Falcon PEV?

They are the distributor for MyWay Quick. Although they have other products like GoBoard, MyWay Quick is the product that they are now concentrating. If you check out Falcon PEV, they have a sister company, Falcon Mobility which specializes in selling mobility wheelchairs and scooters.


Coming this February, they are also unveiling their latest product, X-Robot. Continue reading to have a sneak preview of it.

MyWay Quick

As I mentioned earlier, I visited them recently (on the eve of the Chinese New Year). I did not inform them. You can consider it a surprise visit. Even on the last day before Chinese New Year, they were busy. There are customers coming to collect their MyWay Quick.

Technical Specs of MyWay Quick

  • Front brake calipers and rear disc brakes.
  • Brushless Hub Motor.
  • 3-Second 2-Action Fold.
  • Range of 25km between each charge.
  • Max configurable Speed of 25 km/h.
  • Weight 15kg.
  • 10 inch pneumatic tires.

Here are some pictures of MyWay Quick.

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MyWay Quick (White) as compared with the GoBoard

MyWay Quick comes with a rear disc brake and a front brake calliper.

Rear Wheel with Disc Brake
Front wheel with brake calliper

The board itself is the battery. It can be charged via normal electrical outlet for 4 to 6 hours. Here is the brake.


There is a battery indicator and a lever to operate the motor. Pushing the lever down will activate the motor and MyWay Quick will start to move.


 Here is the quick release for the handle bar extension. It can extend up to 102cm (from ground level up).


Here is the Quick Release Knob that allows you to fold the MyWay Quick in a matter of seconds.


As MyWay Quick is quite large (for a skate scooter), it has a kick stand which is really convenient.

I asked one of the founder for Falcon PEV, Warren to give a quick demo on the MyWay Quick. I also tried it out.

My conclusion is that if you know how to ride a bicycle, MyWay Quick is definitely not a problem. I actually tried the GoBoard and MyWay Quick. I can immediately understand the small details put in by the designer in MyWay Quick.

From a simple pressing of the lever to start, the designer has put thoughts to ensure that it is a smooth (not jerky) one. In fact, I did not bother to kick start MyWay Quick when I was on it. I just pressed the lever and it took off smoothly as compared to GoBoard. And the best part is that when you run out of juice (battery), you can kick it like a normal kick scooter. The wheels are super smooth (like no or little resistance). I did not appreciate it until I tried the GoBoard, it is a world of difference to me.

I believe the price tag is a concern for most people. At S$2,000 per unit, it is not cheap for a e-Scooter. However, with their sales at the moment, I think it means many people agree that it is worth the money. They have sold out their first batch (50 units) of MyWay Quick. Their second batch is due to arrive in February and it has only a few units left for pre-order. According to Warren, each batch will take 2 months to process. They have already ordered 3rd and 4th batch and they are hopeful that they will sell quickly.

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MyWay Quick comes in White or Black. With the 2nd batch, you can even choose the color of the logos. Plus if you need special protection, you can even request to laminate your MyWay Quick at a cost. If you intend to carry it, you can either buy the original MyWay Quick Carry bag or MyWay Quick Strap designed by Falcon PEV.

MyWay Quick Carry Bag

Since I am already there at their shop, they decided to show me their next product. The one that I tested will NOT be the one that they are selling. It will be a variant of it with similar features. Therefore, I am not going to show too many pictures of this product.


I believe you might have seen similar product like the X-Robot before. It is like a portable Segway but smaller and lighter. It can travel around 10km/hr and has a range of 10 to 15km.


Side view.


The “brain” of X-Robot


Inside this unit is the controller that uses the gyroscope to stabilize itself. Once the power is on and one of the foot is firmly placed on the platform, the gyroscope will do its work to balance it. All you have to do is to step up with both your feet onto it, and relax.

Here is a demo of the X-Robot by Warren. I tried it out too. Not bad. For first-timer, you will need some courage to step up and let the controller do its work to stabilize itself with your body weight.

One of the difference between this X-Robot as compared to others that I tried (Emarco R2X) (and Segway) is that the X-Robot uses bicycle-like control to turn itself. For example, to turn left, you turn the handle left. If you use Emarco’s product, you actually shift (or tilt) the handle to the left. I do not know which is better. I guess it is up to individual.

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The good thing about this product is that it has super good turning radius (as you can see in the video). I can turn 360 degrees on the spot. The X-Robot is slated to arrive after the Chinese New Year (do not have exact date) and will cost about S$3,000.

If you are interested, I suggest you follow their Facebook page or go to their website for their latest news.

Click Here to Falcon PEV Website

Do not take my words for granted. I suggest you go down to their shop to try. They are super friendly. Their address and operating hours are on their website. Do check them out.