miggo is not a just a strap or grip for your camera (video)

For those who owns a DSLR or Mirrorless camera, you may have a problem that I have. You see, you want to protect your camera but you may not want to carry a camera with it so that can throw it inside any bag. Now, miggo may allow you to carry it in your own bag and still protects it. What’s more. You can even have the option for miggo to become your strap or a grip for your camera.



Here is the introduction video.

Do note that there are two types of design for DSLR and Mirrorless. One is Strap and Wrap and the other is Grip and Wrap. Do note that there are requirements (means dimension) for the product. A professional DSLR or a point-and-shoot will NOT be able to fit into miggo. So, do check the dimension before committing.

The people behind this Kickstarter project are people who make camera bags. In a good way, they already know how important it is to protect the camera.

There are still some more slots for early birds. Do try to grab them before they are gone.

Click Here to miggo on Kickstarter




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