How to use any router for StarHub Fibre Broadband with Direct ONT

If you intend to subscribe to StarHub Fibre Broadband, and you already have a router that is better than the one provided by StarHub, please read on. After reading this post, you will realize that it is so easy to reuse your router (which you cannot normally).



To have fibre broadband in Singapore, you will need to have NGNBN (Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network) ready in your home. When it is ready, you will have what we call a TP (Terminal Point).

If you are already using StarHub Fibre Broadband, the above picture might be familiar. It has a big Nucleus Connect logo. This is the ONT (Optical Network Terminal). The optical fibre from the TP will be connected to this ONT.

In summary: –

TP –> ONT –> Router

However, for StarHub, the ONT and Router come in a pair. That means, you have to use the router provided. If you plug in any other router, it will not work.


Fortunately, there is a super simple way to use back your own router. I am slapping myself for not knowing it until recently. That is when I talked to a StarHub PR person regarding this matter.

The answer to resolve this issue is Direct ONT.

How to activate Direct ONT

  • Call StarHub at 1633
  • Request to activate Direct ONT
  • Wait for provisioning date
  • Expect some downtime on the date

That is it. You can now plug in any router to the ONT once Direct ONT is provision.  Do note that the original one will not work after that.

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Why you should activate Direct ONT

  • If you have a better router than the one provided by StarHub, why not use it?

Why you should NOT activate Direct ONT

  • If you DON’T have another router, the one provided by StarHub is good enough.
  • From my understanding, the provision is not reversible. Don’t need it, don’t activate it.

Hope that this post will help you in one way or another.