Trade your Reward Cards and Loyalty Programs with Giift (video)

If you are swarmed with Loyalty Programs or Reward Cards, you should probably sign up for a free account with Giift to trade them under your portfolio for cash or your preferred cards and loyalty programs. Personally, I have not tried Giift yet as I don’t have so many cards or loyalty programs


Here is an introductory video about Giift

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Manage, share and monetize your miles, gift cards, points and memberships – all in one place

SINGAPORE – With hundreds of loyalty and card programs out there, keeping on top of your accumulated points, rewards and travel miles can be a real challenge. is set to revolutionize how consumers track and manage their accumulated rewards, points and miles by integrating all of these programs into one place.

Manage All Your Loyalty & Card Programs in One Place’s slick, seamless interface allows you to view all your loyalty and card programs online at a glance. Upon registration, users may start building their portfolio by adding miles, loyalty programs, gift cards and memberships. Simply select the brands that you have chalked up rewards in whatever form and add it to your portfolio. From Delta Air Miles to Singtel Red Rewards and Mango gift cards, currently keeps track of more than 500 programs and cards worldwide, including the main frequent flyer and loyalty programs, while new programs and cards are being added everyday.


Once added, the dashboard gives you an overview of all the programs and cards you hold,
and their value. All of these programs can be redeemed online via access from the

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Monetize the Value of Your Loyalty & Card Programs – and Trade Them if You Wish allows users to redeem points and values instantly and directly from the portfolio; deals and promotional offers for every program added to the portfolio are displayed on the dashboard, allowing easy access and redemption.


giift-04Another notable functionality of is the ability to trade the cards and programs under your portfolio for cash or your preferred cards and loyalty programs*. This level of customization ensures you maximize the utility in the rewards you have accumulated, and broadens your selection to a whole marketplace of options. Click on ‘My Trading’, and simply browse the items on offer to trade or offer your own portfolio items up for trading.

Connect and Trade with Friends


As you add programs and cards into your portfolio, you will also be able to connect with your friends to share interesting offers and promotions. Invite your friends to get points, which hold dollar value for redemptions. Adding friends on also allows you to remember your friends’ important events, such as birthdays, and offer them a e-gift card of their preference.

Pascal Xatart, CEO and co-founder of, said, “We believe has a strong value proposition for both users and business partners. Its highly intuitive and accessible interface belies a complex backend structure that seeks to integrate virtually every existing card and loyalty program out there on a singular platform.”

“As the community of both users and brand programs grow, we believe is set to change the landscape of how loyalty programs operate and are utilized, to ultimately benefit users and businesses around the world.”

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About GIIFT.COM operates the largest loyalty and card programs network, with over 1,200 loyalty and card programs, including 500 track balance programs, in more than 50 countries. Co-founded in 2012 by Pascal Xatart, Laurent Xatart and Jean Herbière, Geared for the global stage, has more than 25 full-time employees with offices in Singapore, Beijing, New York and Paris. The Company is privately held, and operates with a Board of Directors and an Executive Management Committee. is currently available in 3 languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin) and French. is the trademark of GIFT MANAGEMENT ASIA PTE LTD.