How to get your Instagram video summary with Statigram

Want to see what are the most interesting moments that happen on your Instagram account? Now, you can login to Statigram (or register a new account) and get a review of what has happened in 2013.


Basically, it will populate the most comments, likes in your posts. It will take some time to process them. You can request to send to your email once they (collage in photo or video format) are ready.

It is not a surprise to see that most of my Likes or comments come from Asia Style Collection event in June 2013 where it showcased KPOP groups like 2NE1 and Girls Generation. I am not a heavy user of Instagram but this Statigram summary (or snapshot) is quite fun to use.

Click Here to see the video created by Statigram

or if you want to try out yourself, register for a free account or login if you already have one.

Click Here to Statigram

Go to snapshot to get the summary “report” and send it back to email.