S$2,590 for a Samsung 60-inch Smart TV at SITEX 2013 (video)

Nowadays, people are more tech savvy and hence, even there is a good offer, the reaction from them are not as spontaneous as before (from my observation). This is what I observed during SITEX 2013 at Samsung Booth (FYI, I observed similar reaction from different booths too).


At the Samsung booth, they are getting ready a hourly sale for a 60-inch Smart TV (F6300 60″). Many people crowded around it. The sales person took about 10 minutes to pitch about the Smart TV and the actual (before discount) price.


He then escalated the offer (without revealing the price) with free gifts. BTW, the free gifts are actually quite good. In this case, it is AirTrack Soundbar and a Samsung NX DSLR camera.

Finally, he took out 5 cards for this sale. Only those with card can buy it at special price. In the past, people would rush for the cards. However, this time, it took a lot of effort to convince anyone to take the card. Before I left the booth, there are still 2 cards left.

So, how much is the offer? In my opinion, it is a good deal. The F6300 60″ Smart TV is usually retailed at S$4,999 (according to the sales person. I checked that Courts Singapore is selling at S$3,079 (no free gifts)). The offered price is at S$2,590. That is a huge discount! Of course, for this kind of sales, do not expect the product to be the latest model. I checked the specs and it seems ok.

Here is the video.

It is now a common sight for brands to use the “limited” quantity, special price, free gifts tactics to entice customers to make decision on the spot. However, it seems like the effect of this tactic is wearing off as compared to a few years ago when it started.

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Of course, it also depends on the price of the item and whether the customer is at the right time and place when the sales begins. My advice for anyone who wants a good deal.

  • Do your homework by checking out the models, prices from various sources.
  • Go to the IT show and check out the offers
  • Check with the sales person if there is any special sales or not.

Don’t regret after the show ends. I believe those who are reading this might be regretting now… In my opinion, the consumers are already “numb” or “picky” to such tactics.