Hyetis CROSSBOW Swiss-made smartwatch is the hybrid of luxury and technology (video)

If you look at today’s smartwatches, many of them are made with technology and features in mind. In my opinion, the Pebble looks too “kiddish” and the Pine looks too “geeky” (I have supported both projects, BTW). Now, I believe Hyetis CROSSBOW is the best of both worlds. It  is an elegant timepiece and underneath it, is the technology that every geek might be seeking.

Titane earlybird

This smartwatch has not been delivered yet. In fact, the first 500 pieces will be landing in the hands of their owners pretty soon. The above picture is the earlybirds special edition Swiss-made CROSSBOW. It is now taking pre-order at USD1,200 a piece. Not cheap compared to other smartwatches but the details and the features will make you think that this is a good investment.

Here is the specs (at the moment of writing)

Case :

  • Case and back in grade 5 Titanium, finish “Dark Knight” Polished, Blasted and Brushed. Waterproof to 250m.
  • 2 Textile Bands “NATO” type interchangeable Red and Black
  • Crown with Rubber Grip and red ring
  • Touch Bezel mirror polished
  • Sensors protection made of ceramics and composites

Movement HY01 spec-A :

  • Automatic winding by rotor
  • Power reserve 48h
  • Frequency 28’800 alt/h
  • 25 jewels
  • Size 12 ½’’’

Electronics :

  • High definition camera with optimized selection of pixels variable definition
  • Lens with optical zoom
  • Accelerometer
  • HD Microphone
  • Altimeter / thermometer / hygrometer / Light Meter
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth/Wifi/NFC
  • Tactile sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment
  • High definition LCD Dial
  • Twin battery pack
  • biometric sensor devices
  • Pairing with Smartphones running IOS/Androïd/Windows8

Some specifications may vary slightly by delivery.

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Estimated delivery: December 2013

If you notice, it has most of the sensors that a modern smartphone will have. Check out this video that I uploaded. It is a rendered video of how the CROSSBOW will look like.

FYI, if you missed the special edition, the regular CROSSBOW will look like this.

Titane regular

One of the highlights of this Swiss watch is that it always has the major OSes in mind in the development phase. It can support iOS, Android and even Windows Phone. It will sport a 41-Megapixels camera with “in-house” optical zoom. More details about the Zoom here.

They will be announcing something on the 4th December (online). So, if you are interested, do check it out. Here is the latest Press Release that I got.

Press Release

Hyetis – Focus on Crossbow

Hyetis reveals the technological specifications of Crossbow model.

Geneva, November 4, 2013 – The Company communicates the features and technological characteristics of the famous Crossbow just before delivery. Hyetis officially shows the technological potential of this innovative model (not in full of course) and already announces changes to the first generation.

Besides the specificity of a Swiss made mechanical movement and basic software features (email, SMS, social networking alerts, calendar, GPS positioning, MP3 remote control, climate data, including chronograph and more), the Crossbow will contain a gesture recognition device, infrared LED light emitter, lens with Luxpath optical zoom, biometric features (to be announced December 2013) and a camera with face recognition processing, to name a few. Ingenuity, design and improvement are the Crossbow keys to be elevated at smartwatch ranking.

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The culmination is in this famous chip which integrates the sensors with a data processing system: the Genesis analyzer board (first generation) and the Bolt engine, to be announced November 2013. With this technological system, this chip can make updates independently and thus adapt to their environment.

About Hyetis

Hyetis is a watch brand which is inspired by the Swiss How Know, its tradition and the Melting Pot of innovation in Geneva. Since November 2013, the team grows up with the nominations of its Chief Communications Officer, Amanda Müller, and its Chief Technology Officer, Vitold Kapshitzer. Moreover, Hyetis officially becomes a limited liability company (LLC): the basic project turns into a recognized entrepreneurial reality. Thanks to will power and the team passion, Hyetis is the first and the only smartwatch brand designed in Geneva and manufactured in Switzerland. A leadership that the brand is proud to assume to open the new road of 21st century watchmaking.


I am in contact with them. So, if you have questions, let me know and I will check with them.

Click Here to Hyetis CROSSBOW Website