HTC One Android 4.3 Update DID NOT solve the Purple Hue issue

I was waiting patiently for HTC to release Android 4.3 to HTC One handset. Finally it arrives and I thought it could solve the Purple Hue issue. To my disappointment, it did not solve it and in fact, I think it enhances it (maybe I am paranoid).


While there are many praises for HTC One camera, this Purple Hue is something I am super unhappy because it wasn’t there when I bought the phone. In fact, one of the reasons I buy this smartphone is for its low light capability. Now, I don’t even want to bring out when taking pictures in dim light. It will never be useable.

Here is the upgrade notification.


I read some where previously that HTC will fix the Purple Hue issue on the next release (Android 4.3) and I was so looking forward to upgrade it. The first thing I checked after my upgrade is the camera. And the purple hue becomes more evident.

HTC, please do something about it!

If you get different results, do let me know. The version for this upgrade is: –

Software update: 3.63.707.3 (678.26 MB)

HTC Sense 5.5 update with Android 4.3 OS


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