Did they finally perfect the 3D printed metal gun? (video)

Recently, there many areĀ  talks about 3D printing. One of the widely discussed topic is whether 3D printing can open the doors to cheap, easily accessible weapons (e.g. guns). Not too long ago, we had seen people making a gun with 3D printing but it is not that successful yet.


The company behind this 3D printed, Solid Concepts, is a licensed gun maker. They did mention that they did not do this to prove that they can print a gun. Instead, they are trying to prove their metal laser sintering technology. Not all parts are made by the 3D printer. Some of them (spring, magazine) are bought off the shelves.

They mentioned that this 3D printing of the metal gun (actually a model 1911 pistol) is unlike those done by amateurs. It is printed on a US$500,000 machine and they think that it will be able to help gunsmiths acquire difficult-to-build parts using this technology.

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