Xbox One supports DLNA Streaming, But Not PlayStation 4

Xbox One will be able to support DLNA Streaming and Audio CD playback which will allow Xbox One to be a replacement for your old CD Player or media centre that’s taking up space on the TV console.

xboxPS4The Xbox One is currently in the process of being DLNA certified. With this certification, it will join the thousands of other DLNA Certified devices which allows sharing of media data between devices.

For those who don’t know, DLNA allows sharing of media data over a wireless network, in this case, it allows the Xbox One to stream media files from your other devices.

This timely news came just after PlayStation’s FAQ which announces that their new console won’t be able to do that.

So if you’re getting an all-in-one console, Xbox One would probably be a better choice.

Excerpt from PS4’s FAQ:

Can I listen to audio CDs using PS4?

No, PS4 does not support audio CDs.


Will PS4 support media servers or DLNA support in order to stream videos or movies from a home PC?

The PS4 system does not support client functionality* for media servers.

*We appreciate your feedback and are exploring possibilities


If you’re still deciding between which console to get this holiday season, this is something you should take note of.

In case you haven’t seen the ads for both consoles, their different approach to attract gamers might just help you decide which console to get.