Review: Samsung GALAXY Mega 6.3 is not for everyone

I got to be very frank with the review of this Samsung GALAXY Mega 6.3. It is NOT for everyone. Imagine a screen of 6.3-inch inside your pocket. It is not going to be comfortable.


However, if your intention is to use it to consume information like watching a movie, surfing the Internet or even reading a book, this device might suit you.

The 6.3-inch screen is huge. Thanks to Samsung, they did a good job to make the bezel as slim as possible and therefore the overall look of this phone is not as big or bulky as I imagined. On its back, it has a plastic coating which initially, I thought could be removed. You cannot do that..  I did receive a few cuts on it with the review set.


The phone itself is similar to most Samsung GALAXY phones. If you are not following closely to Samsung phone launch, you might have a hard time to identify it.

Specs wise, the GALAXY Mega 6.3 has LTE, is dual core and has a big battery size of 3,200mAh. For full specs, click HERE. It is not meant to be a high-end smartphone. Therefore, it will not be fair to compare it with GALAXY Note 2 or Note 3. BTW, I am glad that Samsung added LTE to this device.


The chassis has some similarity when compared to the latest GALAXY S4 like the chrome trimming (It is not made of metal. Just polycarbonate).





Overall, I feel that the smartphone looks “smart” in terms of design. My only complain is the internal.


It has one of the most difficult slot for SIM card. It is underneath the Micro SD card and if you are using an adapter, good luck as you will spend some time to insert or extract it.

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I played some movies and the screen and sound quality is actually not bad (but don’t expect superb quality).


In terms of battery life, I did not really do any test to attest to the battery claims. Anyway, I will find myself plugging in to the power source if I can get one. This is NOT just for this phone but for any recent smartphone with big screens.


Overall, I like the big screen although I wish it is Full HD. The smartphone is not meant for heavy CPU or graphic usage (only a dual core and I believe this helps to conserve battery). I did not get any issues when reviewing this GALAXY Mega 6.3.

As I mentioned earlier, the phone is not for everyone. If you love big screen, this is one of the biggest screen you can get for a smartphone at this moment. However, if you need to carry your phone in your pocket, I think you can actually forget it. It will not be comfortable with this GALAXY Mega 6.3 in the pocket.

In terms of cameras, they are average. Truthfully speaking, Samsung’s camera on phones will usually not have any issue unless you put it to test in challenging (i.e. super low light) condition. If you don’t mind the lower specs, the phone actually has most of the features found on higher end models (i.e. Samsung GALAXY S4).

That is it for my short review. The Samsung GALAXY Mega 6.3 is now retailing at RRP S$798. Thanks to Samsung for the opportunity to review this smartphone.