Updating iPhone to latest iOS 7

Finally, the day has come to update your iPhone to the latest iOS 7. You should be getting push notification on new update for your iOS.  If not, you can always go to your settings and check under General for Software Update.


Many suggested to backup your data before update. I think it is a must. Better be safe than sorry. The package is about 728 Mb and it will take some time to download. I am not sure what happen but I encountered a few error messages saying that the software could not be upgraded (even though the package has been downloaded successfully).

After a few tries, I managed to start the update. Again, be prepared to wait for some time for the software to complete. If you are worried, plug your phone to the power socket to avoid “unforeseen circumstances” during update.

After updating, you will see a page with greetings in many languages. You need to swipe to continue.


If your iPhone has password, you will see the keypad page. It is totally revamped. Once done, just follow the steps and you will see the brand new iOS 7. I am sure many will take some time to adjust to the flat icons and changes on the apps.


As my iPhone 4s is not my main or even secondary phone, I do not see much problem using the new iOS 7. However, I think if you have been using the iOS for some time, the iOS 7 will present a different feel. It seems that Apple incorporated a lot of swipes on the iOS 7. For example, camera app. It is totally revamped and changing to video mode will require you to swipe the screen.

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Click Here to Check Out the differences on the Camera App

Have fun with iOS 7. Finally, something refreshing on an iPhone.