“CNN: The United States began bombing” spam email

This is a new low for spammers. They are targeting people who are generally worried about the current affairs by sending out emails with the title “CNN: The United States began bombing”.


The email makes you take a look at the interesting headline and then provide a little information on the “story”. It states “(CNN) — Pentagon officials said that the United States launched the first strikes against Syria. It was dropped about 15 bomn on stalitsu syria Damascus. Full story >>”

Naturally, some people might click on the “Full Story” hyperlink to read more as there is a picture showing black smoke which makes the whole “story” more real or dramatic. However, that is a super suspicious link.

A few hints that this is not a legitimate news. The spelling is horrible. The construction of sentences are incorrect.

Thanks to Google, it had already listed it as Spam Mail. However, for those not using Gmail or any virus/malware protection, you have to be super careful nowadays. The spammers start to realize that people will want to check the sender. They have cloaked it with a nice looking email from a legitimate website. This can be done easily.

So, next time, before you click on the link, do check where it leads to. For the above story, it leads to a Czech Republic website. Although Norton Safe Web stated that the website is clean, it is still not right for anyone to make a false story.