HTC shows off accessories, HTC Mini+ and HTC Fetch

HTC is showing off its accessories. One of them, HTC Mini+, looks like a mini phone. It is actually a Bluetooth companion device for the phone.The other accessory is HTC Fetch, a keychain with a charm-like device that also pairs with the phone via Bluetooth. Its main purpose is to sound the alarm should your phone gets separated from you.


For the HTC Mini+, it is more than just a Bluetooth mini phone. It has a dedicated shutter button that you can use to remotely trigger the camera. It has a remote controller feature with its built-in IR sensor. And if you are in a meeting, you can use it as a laser pointer and use the PowerPoint clicker to scroll through the presentation. Very thoughtful of HTC, as usual.

As for the HTC Fetch, it behaves like an alarm for your phone. In my opinion, as phone gets larger, it will be more troublesome to carry it with you always. The HTC Fetch acts as a reminder that your phone is not with you (more than 15 meters away) and it also acts as a shutter trigger for the camera on your phone.


Based on what I see, HTC might be going towards the direction of bigger phones (HTC One Max). Not sure the cost of both devices but according to Engadget, the HTC Mini+ might be around US$80 and the HTC Fetch might be around US$50. If you need more information, the HTC UK site.

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