Attaching Sony QX10 and QX100 to your smartphone

If you have seen this blog post, you would have know that Sony is going to review 2 lens camera, QX10 and QX100, soon. However, the previous pictures did not show you how you can attach it to your smartphone.


Now, PhotoRumors has posted a lot of pictures on how you can use the Sony QX10 or QX100. The above picture shows a clip-on adapter attachment for the QX10. Seems like this method can be used on most smartphones. Here is the picture when it is attached properly.


Below is another method of attaching the Lens Camera (QX100 in this case). I believe it might be suitable for some models of Sony Xperia phones as it requires a cover.


With the QX100 lens camera attached.


And here is a picture of a carrying case for the lens.


And a few pictures of the Sony Lens Camera usage in real world.




If you want to see more examples, click the link below

Click here to see more pictures of Sony QX10 and QX100

Are you excited over these new lens cameras?