AXS Payment mobile App lets you pay your bills easily

If you are like me who hates to wait at the AXS machine to pay some bills, here is the solution. There is an AXS mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Yes, you can pay the bills at the comfort of your home.


Some may wonder what is the advantages of this AXS Payment mobile app when you can already pay (some bills) through your bank mobile apps. My answer (and also my opinion) is that you can save the information in this app. You don’t need to key in any information any more.

Is it secure? It has password and ereceipt that you can activate to ensure that no one can enter the app without your password. However, you can also do without this options (if you bother to key in the info again when making payment).

Here are a list of items that you can make payment.

What kinds of bills can you pay?

  • General (e.g. Utility, Telco, storage)
  • Credit Cards
  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Season Parking
  • Town Councils
  • Healthcare
  • Memberships
  • Condo/Building

Fines payment services for the following agencies are also available:

  • Land Transport Authority (LTA)
  • Traffic Police
  • Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)
  • The Subordinate Courts of Singapore
  • (More fine agencies will be added at a later phase)

NOTE: Devices with screen size 6 inch and bigger (e.g. Samsung Mega 6.3)

BTW, it is using eNETS for the payment. The only gross I have at this moment is that I need to use the bank token to make payment. It seems that the SMS feature is not activated yet. Nevertheless, I did my first transaction on this app just to see how good/bad it is.

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NOTE 2: I believe this might be a bug (tested on Android device). Please note that if you exit from the app  by the app’s confirmation message, you can still enter the app without password using the tasklist in your Android device. This SHOULD NOT be the case.


For those who are still worried or need to know more, I have print screened the app initial introduction for your reference.




Hope that they will allow us to use the SMS feature instead of the token for security confirmation.

Click Here to Download AXS Payment for Android


Click Here to Download AXS Payment for iOS