Area 51 is real for U-2 spy plane but there’s no UFO or Aliens

Finally, after so many decades, the mystery of Area 51 is finally confirmed by the CIA. According to the report, the area is a testing site for a secret project, the U-2 spy plane, during the Cold War.


There is no mention of any UFO or aliens in the report. Instead, the report only confirms the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft program and Area 51 is used as a test ranch for it.

BTW, the official name for Area 51 is actually Paradise Ranch. The U-2 spy plane can reach a very high altitude of above 60,000 ft in the 1950s. And the report indicated that the report of UFO increases during the same time.

The report is 407 pages thick. If you are interested, you can download it.

Click Here to Download the Report on U-2 History

I have no patience for such a report. So, instead of reading it, I found a video on the U-2 history.

Click Here to View the U-2 Spy Plane History

I believe that many will still believe that there are more than just the U-2 Spy Plane in Area 51. What is your take?