Gumtree launches Gadgets page for gadgets lovers

Gadgets lovers, here are some good news for you. Gumtree has recently launched a dedicated Gadgets page on their site. That means that you can now easily search for lobangs (offers) on gadgets on Gumtree’s site.


It is easy to reach the Gadget page. On Gumtree’s site, you can see the header with the name “Gadgets”. Click on it to reach the page. On the Gadgets page, you can easily find gadgets through the category column on the left.

Currently, the main categories are Mobile, Tablets, Computer, Television and Camera with indication of popular brands. But I guess I will use the “Search” feature as it is easier to find the things that I like. You can even narrow down your search using the sub-categories.


If you are specifically searching for Tablets, you can actually use the Tablets tab to see the latest offers (default, the Gadget page is at Mobile tab)

Looking at the number of ads, I think Singaporeans love gadgets. If you scroll down on the Gumtree Gadgets page, you will see the “What’s new” section. In this section, you might see this: –


These are actually reviews from various blogs on popular gadgets. TechieLobang is honored to be featured on Gumtree’s gadget page 🙂 . They will be sharing some of my blog posts on these gadgets that I had previewed or reviewed. For example, you might be able to see my Otterbox Armor Casing review on the “What’s new” section.

I think such information (from my blog and others) is important. It allows users to have a different perspective of the gadgets (other than from the brands themselves or advertising). Usually, before I buy a product, I would actually test it (thanks to many companies who supported me with review sets), or I will learn more about the products via the Internet (i.e. blogs, videos and etc).

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I think Gumtree has done a good job to engage the Tech blogging community to share their thoughts on these gadgets. So, be sure to visit Gumtree Gadgets page and when you are there, do take some time to support these blogs that share their views on those gadgets.

Click Here to Gumtree Gadgets Page