Good way to find parking lot in open carpark with balloons (video)

How do you find parking lot in a vast open parking lot? I believe you might have experience it before. You wait. You drive around, hoping to find an empty parking lot. This is time consuming and definitely not good in terms of saving petrol.


In Korea, S-Oil did a simple rig to allow drivers to see an empty lot from far. It is not using sophisticated sensors or system. In fact, it uses just helium balloon. They called it the “HERE” balloon. I think this is a good idea to find parking lot in any countries.

Just like the sensing system (green or red) in modern carparks, the “HERE” balloons act as a guide to let drivers know where the vacant parking lot is.

Genius idea or not, it depends on how much time, money and man-hours you need to deploy, replace the balloon but in terms of saving petrol, this will definitely help. Check out the video.


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