UFO in Singapore finally identified (video)

If you have seen my post during December 2012, I mentioned an UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) that I saw. It is very small and traveling in a slow movement. As at that time, I had only a 4x optical zoom, I could not identify the object. Thanks to Canon for loaning the 50x Optical Zoom PowerShot SX50 HS, I finally identified the unidentified.


Based on the picture, some may be able to identify it. It is a weather balloon. Based on my observation, the following fits the reason why this is a weather balloon.

  • Near Airbase
  • Same timing
  • Seen almost daily
  • Drifting is due to wind
  • Picture shows another secondary object (a reflector) for the weather balloon.

Here is the video.

That’s all. Mystery solved. I can rest in peace. 🙂 . BTW, have you seen the moon video taken with the same Canon PowerShot SX50 HS?

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