Samsung introduces Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner (SC20F70)

Samsung today announces the availability of the premium canister vacuum cleaner, the Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner (SC20F70). It will be available from 1st August 2013 at S$799 at major consumer electronics stores. Feels like a Dyson to me, especially when they mention CycloneForce in the PR.

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Press Release

New Samsung Premium Canister Vacuum Cleaner Offers a Smarter Way to Clean

Innovative Canister Design lets cleaner move with you for hassle-free vacuuming

Singapore, 25 July 2013 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a global leader in digital appliance innovation, introduces a new canister vacuum cleaner designed to help users clean with ease as they navigate a vacuum more easily around their homes. Consumers can experience superior design, power and advanced technology in a home cleaning device like never before with Samsung’s new Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner (SC20F70).

Built for supreme convenience, Samsung’s Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner features a revolutionary Motion Sync Design™ that makes it one of the most agile canister vacuums in the market. Its innovative CycloneForce Multi technology is built to maintain powerful suction for maximum cleaning.

“Every Samsung home appliance is modeled with a keen appreciation of consumer lifestyle trends,” said Irene Ng, Vice President of Marketing, Samsung Asia Pte Ltd. “As consumer lifestyles evolve, we create home appliances for enhanced home living and we’re proud of our latest Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner that can effortlessly keep up with even the busiest families.”

Control in the Consumer’s Hands

With the new Motion Sync Design™, the body of the canister vacuum swivels separately from the wheels, to make swift motion for sudden turns around furniture or walls much easier. The Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner offers maximum maneuverability with easy steering and handling.

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Its unique cambered wheels are angled slightly outward on the canister to ensure the vacuum is stable and doesn’t tip over in response to dynamic movements. Thanks to its enhanced stability, users can stop looking back to check if the vacuum cleaner has caught up and just focus on what remains to be cleaned. What’s more, the oversized hollow wheels on the Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner roll steadily and easily with very little effort from the user, be it on carpet, laminate or hardwood floors.

Powerful Suction that Lasts

The Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner’s innovative CycloneForce Multi technology features a unique interior structure built to clean in multiple steps, all of which work together to prevent the filter from clogging while delivering powerful suction and better cleaning for a longer period of time.

The first of the vacuum’s inner chambers creates a strong cyclonic airflow to separate regular dust and dirt particles, and the strong centrifugal forces in all 14 inner chambers remove even the finest dust and dirt particles so only clean air goes out through a pre-motor filter. The Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner also has a sponge-type foam filter that captures more dust than the typical cross-hedged foam filter, and it can be easily removed for cleaning. A quick occasional rinse is all it takes to keep the filter clog-free and ensure best cleaning results every time.

With the vacuum’s Extreme Force Brush, lesser effort is required for a thorough clean. The improved adhesion of the brush diffuses pressure evenly onto the floor surface to enable a powerful pick-up of dust and dirt particles in your home.

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Convenience in Your Hands

The Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner puts helpful cleaning tools directly in your hands, with controls and accessories built into the handle. An easy-to-read Dust Sensor alerts you with a red light when it detects a dusty spot. Once the area is completely cleaned, a green light appears to indicate you can move on to the next spot, eliminating guesswork and reducing time spent on cleaning.

Specialty cleaning tools are also built into the handle to make it easy for you to clean whatever you want and whenever you need. Users can quickly switch to the pipe, dusting or crevice tools without having to detach and affix the accessories to easily reach those hard-to-get-to spots for the ultimate clean.

An ergonomic remote control handle on the Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner gives you the ability to turn the machine on and off, and select the optimum cleaning power with its built-in control buttons. These controls are always within reach, so you can quickly change the settings to match your cleaning needs.

With the simple-to-remove bagless dust bin, dirt is easily emptied into the trash without any spillage. You can detach the bin by simply lifting the dust bin handle and emptying it with the press of a button.

The Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner will be available from 1 August 2013 at $799 at major consumer electronics stores.

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