Review: Affordable Maonocaster Podcast System

Ever wanted to try out podcasting but don’t want to spend a lot on the setup? Well, I actually have not tried Podcasting before. That is why I supported the Maonocaster AU-AM100 with a single microphone bundle on Kickstarter.

There are quite a number of sophisticated systems in the market for Podcasting. I do not need them. When I stumbled upon the Maonocaster on Kickstarter, I know that I need to give it a try for the price and the features.

Here is my review video.

Overall, I like the fact that it has a built-in battery for me to carry out of the room to any place to record podcast.

It also has enough ports for me to plug in a few phones to record or support the podcast.

There are two XLR mic inputs (one of them has a 3.5mm jack input too). It has two other port inputs for phone and auxillary device. And another two outputs to record the content.

Because it is linked to the PC via USB-C (USB-A to USB-C Cable), you can charge it while directly connected to the PC.

The setup is quite straight forward. Normally, I would think that you don’t need to meddle a lot after the initial setup.

There are two monitor outputs where you can listen to the output without lag.

If you have seen the demo in my review video, the Pad and the pre-programmed keys are there to make your podcasting more interesting.

I am noob when it comes to Podcast. In my opinion, this is enough for basic needs. Let me know what else is missing in this setup.

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The bundle I supported on Kickstarter includes the Podcast system (AU-AM100), a single condenser microphone (AU-PM320T), a bunch of cables and a LAV microphone at USD149 (excluding shipping cost).