LG introduces latest Steam Dishwasher D1465CF in Singapore

LG introduces their latest Steam Dishwasher, D1465CF in Singapore. The D1465CF is exclusively available at Best Denki stores retailing for S$1,899. In my opinion, the price is steep but maybe the ROI (in terms of water saving) is justifiable.

LG_Steam Dishwasher-UV_D1465CF

Press Release

Living Smarter with LG’s latest Steam Dishwasher

Compact appliance comes with the latest state-of-the-art Steam technology and UV protection, ensuring dishwashing is now a breeze

Singapore, 15 July 2013 – When Josephine Cochrane invented the dishwasher in 1887, she had a very simple purpose in mind. She wanted a machine that could do all her washing since she never cleaned her dishes on her own and her servants were chipping her fine porcelains.

Similarly, today’s consumers look for convenient ways to do their dishes without ruining their fragile crystal ware and porcelains. LG has provided the economical and environmentally friendly solution that modern consumers look for. Using only 9ℓof water with the basic setting, LG steam dishwasher is more economical compared to hand washing dishes which can use up to 60ℓ[1] of water when rinsing under running tap.

The LG Steam Dishwasher (D1465CF) utilizes the most advanced technology to thoroughly and gently clean the most precious dishes and glass ware. The latest home appliance by LG Electronics will change the way we view dishwashing and improve our quality of living.

True Steam Technology™

Dishwashing is made convenient with TrueSteam™ that provides superior cleaning with programs such as Steam Power, Steam Care and Steam Dual Spray. Using steam technology in dishwashing removes tough stains and the need for pre-washing, making it more hygienic and convenient than non-steam dishwashers and hand washing.

Owners of the latest LG dishwasher can now look forward to a more thorough cleansing system thanks to an integrated steam generator. Incoming water will be boiled in the steam generator and the accumulation of steam will result in an inner pressure that will spray steam through multiple outlets within the tub.

Using a three-step process of penetration, soaking and melting, the steam dishwasher promises to remove tough stains on soiled dishes. The steam will penetrate food residue more efficiently and quicker than warm water, thanks to smaller molecules of steam.

It will also act as a powerful soaking process as the steam re-moisturize and mix the dried, burnt residue together with the fats to prepare for the next stage. Thereafter, the temperature of the steam will melt and dissolve the soaked residue resulting in a more effective rinse of the dishes.
Stubborn stains can be cleaned with LG’s ‘Steam Power’ program where the strongest spray intensity and longest duration cycle is engaged. The ‘Steam Dual Spray’ program, with its customized spray intensity for the middle and the bottom racks of the dishwasher, users can now wash their pots, wine glasses and fine porcelains all in one cycle. With ‘Steam Care’ program, special and delicate dishes would receive the gentlest treatment with this dishwasher. The gentle yet powerful steam spray function means that delicate dishes get cleaned thoroughly without worrying of scratches and damaging them.

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Inverter Direct Drive™

With LG’s patented Inverter Direct Drive motor as the ‘heart’ of the dishwasher, water pressure optimization results in the Triple Spray technology™, allowing the water pressure to be controlled in three different levels: soft, medium and strong. The customizable spray intensity contributed to the lower water consumption as the water flow is adjusted based on the intensity.

The simplification of the motor structure in the LG Inverter Direct Drive system made it more durable than conventional motor dishwashers.

Through this new system, the appliance is designed to reduce wear and tear, and deliver the most reliable, safe and fuss-free value with 10 years warranty.

The compact size of the slim Inverter DD system is not to be underestimated as it takes up less space in the motor compartment thus providing more space within the internal tub, allowing users to wash plates up to 33cm in diameter. In addition, LG Inverter DD dishwasher has about 10ℓ more volume1 than conventional dishwashers.

With SilenceOn™, it is also one of the quietest dishwashers at 38dB, equivalent to the noise level in a library. This is made possible with the direct connection between the ‘sump’ and ‘pump’ in the system; it reduces noise levels when the motor’s RPM is at high levels or when it reaches its peak.

Smart Rack System™

The Smart Rack System™ allows for convenient adjustment of the three racks for flexible loading and easy arrangement.

Simple adjustment of the tines on the Lower Rack creates various sizes of intervals, achieving flexible loading of bowls, pasta plates and other types of dishes. In the event where more space is needed, the tines can be easily folded down.

The cleverly-designed tall tub will provide the necessary space to fit large pans, cookie sheets and tall pasta pots, allowing dishes to be washed in a larger capacity, providing added functionality.

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The Upper Rack comes with an adjustable lever and by using it; the height of the baskets can be changed easily without the hassle of pulling out the entire tray, giving extra space wherever it is needed.

Lastly, the Third Rack, with its height-adjustable baskets, allows space for more silverware and cutlery and even slightly larger items such as espresso cups and spatulas, making washing much more convenient and hassle-free.

Households looking to reduce electricity bills can opt for the half-load selection and load either the top or bottom racks to wash the dishes. This reduces water, electricity and time by up to 15%.

Rinsing at a high temperature will ensure a more hygienic and effective rinsing performance. D1465CF has an “Extra Hot” feature which allows rinsing water temperature to reach up to 80 degrees Celsius, higher than conventional dishwasher and hand washing.

Hybrid Drying System™

Using a combination of fan drying and condensation mechanism, the exhaust humid air will be collected against the front door and lower cover during condensation. Therefore, dishes dry faster due to the improved air flow and drying time is also decreased by 10% as the moist atmosphere is reduced.

UV Reflector Design™

The UV reflector design ensures that the sterilization cycle lasts for up to 25 minutes and remains efficient for up to 95 minutes. If the dishwasher is not opened after two hours, it automatically operates a second cycle.
This automated UV feature keeps bacteria away for up to four hours, killing 99% of remaining bacteria. No additional washing detergent is required and it uses minimal energy at less than 15W.

D1465CF is exclusively available at Best Denki stores retailing for $1,899.


  • Capacity : 14 Place Settings
  • Energy Consumption : 0.92kwh (A++)
  • Noise Level: 38dB (quieter than current models)
  • Water Rating : 9L~10L
  • Direct Drive Motor with 10YR Warranty
  • Additional Features: UV, Vario Plus, Triple Filter (STS ACM, LCD Panel)


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[1] Tested in LG internal laboratory
1 Tested in LG internal laboratory when compared to LG non-inverter direct drive dishwasher