Google updates Google Maps, says goodbye to Google Latitude (video)

Google has been constantly improving Google Maps. In their official blog post, they highlighted some great improvements on the maps like “Tablet Friendly” and enhanced navigational capability (like incident reporting or drilling in the maps to see more details on incidents).


However, at the same time, Google also announced that they are retiring the Google Latitude on 9th August and removing the offline maps feature on Google Maps. Before you start to get mad, Google also announced new feature on Google Maps that let you view the area offline when you can key in “OK Maps” in the search box.

At the same time, they added location sharing feature in Google+ to “compensate” for killing Latitude. Of course, “compensate” is not their choice of words but I feel that they need to answer to some hardcore people who are still using Google Latitude. I feel that the shift to Google+ might be their way of getting more people to share location on Google+ (Just like Facebook also add in “check-in” in their app).

Anyway, like it or not, this will be the case for now (say goodbye to Latitude, offline Maps and hello to new location sharing on Google+). Here is a video on the Google Maps.

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