UBMT View-T Wide has front, back HD camera for vehicle recording

Check out UBMT (Ubiquitous Multimedia Technology) View-T Wide camera system for cars. It has a front and rear camera that can record in HD (1280 x 720) quality, with a 3.5-inch screen for split real time view.

Shaped like a camera, my first thought is that it is a camera. On closer look, you will realize some differences. For example, the back is a full 3.5-inch screen. No special buttons and not designed for you to hold.

Top view


On the top is a latch that looks like a cold shoe for camera flash. It is actually catered for mounting this camera on the windscreen.


Here is the mounting.

And the lens is super big for a car camera system. The lens has a 140 degree angle.

Here is the MicroSD card slot.


Power on/off switch


And here are some accessories that you can connect to the camera.

GPS Module


Additional Battery Module


I forgot to take the picture of the rear camera. Here is one picture from their website.


Here are some specs for your reference. One important feature that I need to mention here is that it has buffer memory in it. That means there will be no gap in the segments while recording.


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