LSTech SMART Solar Charging Devices at CommunicAsia 2013

Solar charging devices have been around for so many years. With advance in technology, charging time seems to have shortened. This company, LSTech Co., Ltd, has been making Solar Panel and now it is making mobile size solar charging devices for the mass market.

SMART Solar-Ro


The above is the largest among its products. It is call SMART Solar-Ro. Unlike most solar charging devices, this device has NO internal battery. It is using only the solar energy to charge devices. You may have seen many solar charging devices (w/o battery) that is so big and it becomes a joke if you are using one.

SMART Solar-Ro, on the other hand, looks like a typical photo frame. According to the promoter, it can charge a device within 6 hours (no mention of capacity or sunlight condition). Nevertheless, to have them say this value out confidently, I am sure that they have done their homework.

It has a built in stand that you can vary the angle.


Here is the back view.


Here is the view of the stand.


Here is the specs based on the brochure.


  • Weigh and dimension: 200g, 230x140x15mm
  • Solar Panel: 4.5Watt, 5.0v, 900mA (1Sun, 15 deg C)
  • Internal Battery: No battery
  • Input Power: Solar charging – approx max 0.9A 5 v
  • Output Power: 5v, Max 0.9A, USB Female
  • Charging time: Depends on intensity of Sunlight.

The cost is USD20 if you buy 10,000 units (subjective).

SMART mini

SMART mini is an USB charger, Solar Charger, MicroSD card reader. I cannot believe that such a small device can really help to charge a Smartphone. Nevertheless, if you are in such situation, the solar charging is your best friend.

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The back view.


Here is the card reader.


Close up of the USB port.


It actually has a cap.


Here is the packaging.


During the CommunicAsia 2013 event, you can buy this Smart mini at S$35. It comes with the unit and some connectors (as shown above) and a MicroSD card (I think it is 8GB).

Here is the Specification of the Smart mini (BTW, the spelling is wrong for the header – taken from official website)


SMART Friend

The SMART Friend is quite a large solar charging device with internal battery (3,600mAh).


It comes in quite a number of vibrant colors.


Here is the specs.


  • Weigh and dimension: 230g, 133x85x18mm (Folded)
  • Solar Panel: 2Watt, 5.0v, 400mA (1Sun, 25 deg C)
  • Internal Battery: Li-polyermer battery, 3.7v 3,600mAh
  • Output Power: 5v, 0.5A – 1.0A, USB Female
  • Charging time: USB: 8hrs, Solar: 9hrs (Depends on intensity of Sunlight).


Here is the SMART One. It has the largest capacity (7,000mAh) among the other solar devices.



BTW, this device has a few certifications: CE, FCC, KC, ROHS, Apple MFI Certification

If  you need to know more about the product, you can follow the link below.

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