Leaked screenshots of Windows Phone 8 build shows notification center

If you have been complaining about Windows Phone 8 not having a notification center like those popular OSes, things are likely to change in the near future if you were to believe these screenshots of Windows Phone 8.X developer build.

wp8-compile 1

As you can see from above picture, there is a kill button in the multi-task window. Finally, there is an easier way to kill an app. Apart from the above, there are some other new features.


Check out the above picture. You can see Data Sense, App Sorting feature and the weekly view in a calendar. Here are the compiled list of changes added/observed.

  • Notification center
  • Ability to close apps from the multitasking window
  • Sort apps by most used
  • New calendar interface with a week view
  • Data sense available

According to the latest information from WPCentral, the notification center had been removed from the build. That may means whatever you have seen here, might or might not make it to the next firmware release (Windows Phone Blue?).

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