Microsoft introduces Xbox One, launching this year (video)

Finally, Microsoft has unveiled its latest gaming console to the world. It is called the Xbox One (thank goodness, it is not Xbox 720) and it comes with a new Kinect Sensor and its latest gaming controller with a new design Dpad.


Microsoft wants you to think that the Xbox One, as the name implies, is a All-in-One concept. It has integrated TV, Internet, Skype and gaming into one console. Here is the home screen. BTW, it can be voice controlled (like saying “Xbox On”).


In my opinion, Microsoft design the Xbox One in such a way that it resembles the Windows 8 experience. First, it has a boxy chassis. Next, all the apps are tiled like Windows 8.

Some features of the Xbox One/Kinect

Xbox One

  • 8-core x86 processor
  • HDMI pass thru (means that it can show the TV program when you are connected to your cable box (no need to switch input)
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 500GB of Hard disk space
  • Blu-ray disc
  • Snap feature allows you to talk on Skype and watch a movie at the same time.

New Kinect

  • 1080p camera
  • IR camera to see in the dark.
  • Can control your TV and etc.
  • Has Multi Microphone array to filter game sound, ambient noise and your voice.

Here is the Introductory video of Microsoft Xbox One

When launched (later this year), Xbox One will have exclusive to Call of Duty: Ghosts first. Here is the trailer.

The Verge has done a nice 4 minutes summary of the event. Check it out.

Not sure how the world will react to this new Xbox One (when it reaches the gamers hand). It seems that Microsoft has tried to blend gaming, entertainment and social into one single console. This is definitely going to be a major distraction when you are concentrating on a game.

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For more details, please check out the Microsoft Official Xbox One site.

Click Here to the Official Xbox One site

And one last information. There will be one Halo Live Action TV series, a partnership with 343 Industries and Steven Spielberg.