Sony releases teaser trailer of PS4 prior E3 event (video)

PlayStation 4 rumors have been around for some time. One of the videos which garners a lot of attention is actually FAKE. It shows some really nice footage of the supposedly PS4. Sony confirmed it was not behind this production.


It is not a secret that Sony is announcing PS4 during the E3 event in June. Today, Sony shows a teaser trailer of PlayStation 4. I guess you are clever enough to know that after watching, you will still be wondering how the PS4 looks like. it shows bits and pieces of the console but we could never really make out how it looks like. Anyway, this is the real teaser trailer from Sony.

The real deal will be unveiled on the 10th June 2013. Watch out for the update. Hopefully, someone could leak something that we can visualize before the event.


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