DJI introduces the DJI Mavic Mini

DJI is raising the bar again with the introduction of the DJI Mavic Mini. As the name implies, it is a very mini drone that packs a punch. And with the very controversial weight of 249g, I am sure it will raise the eyebrows of the Government in some countries.

Don’t let the size fool you. This little drone has a flight time of 30 minutes and with the right condition and controller, it can fly 4km. It comes with a 3-axis gimbal and based on DJI’s track record, you know that the footage will be super smooth.

The new DJI Fly app seems easy to use and I guess that is the intention of DJI to let anyone fly a DJI drone.

Although small in size, it can actually record in 2.7K resolution. It has a slew of accessories and pricing starts from USD399 based on US website (but USD375 based on my region (Singapore) select). Add another USD100, you can get the Fly More Combo that has more batteries, more propellers, propeller guards and a nice looking bag to hold the DJI Mavic Mini.

Mavic Mini Fly More Combo

You can order the DJI Mavic Mini now (based on US region) and it is slated for shipping in 10 to 15 business working days. Check out the intro video.

Note: When I shop normally in Singapore on DJI website, it is stated Out of Stock although the pricing is slightly lower at USD375.

Click Here to Check Out the DJI Mavic Mini

In summary, here is what you can get from this DJI Mavic Mini.

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And about that controversial weight of 249g. In US and some countries, if your drone is above 250g, you will need to register. With 1g difference, DJI Mavic Mini actually gets away with this registration (or maybe not). Not too sure how the aviation agencies think about it.