OpenNet announced winners of “Tell Us Why You Love Fibre” contest

Today, OpenNet announced the winners of the “Tell Us Why You Love Fibre” contest. The contest was conducted through OpenNet’s FibreXchange portal ( inviting current users to share why they love their fibre connection and how it has brought about changes in their daily lives. More information in the Press Release.

(L-R) Mr Mark Blake, CEO, OpenNet with first prize winner Jai Ong Hee Tat

Press Release

Singaporeans doing more with fibre broadband

OpenNet’s FibreXchange website contest sheds light on efficient and innovative user experiences

Singapore, 7 May 2013 – OpenNet today announced the winners of their “Tell Us Why You Love Fibre” contest in Singapore. Mr Mark Blake, CEO, OpenNet presented the prizes to all three winners. Conducted through OpenNet’s FibreXchange portal (, the online contest invited current fibre broadband users to share why they love their fibre connection and how it has brought about changes in their daily lives. The contest entries received offer a peek into the reality of fibre-enhanced entertainment, e-learning and work from home experiences.

“Our FibreXchange initiative is geared towards educating new users on the tremendous benefits that fibre broadband currently brings to households across Singapore. From this online contest, we see that Singaporeans are really taking advantage of the improved experience that fibre broadband provides. We have people talking about more efficient work-from-home experiences that promote work-life balance and a more enriching home learning and entertainment environment.

The stories that users share with us provide an exciting glimpse of Singapore’s steady transformation into an efficient and innovative global city,” said Mr Daniel Ho, Director, Business Development and Communications, OpenNet.

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The online contest reaffirms OpenNet’s Fibre Index Study that Singaporeans are now more receptive to fibre broadband and are beginning to see the various benefits of having a fibre broadband connection.

Jai Ong Hee Tat, 48, a manager at a photography and productions company took home the first prize – a 46” Samsung LED TV and a Pioneer Home Theatre System. Coming from a three-generation household, Ong shared how fibre has benefitted all age groups in his family. “My parents and children now enjoy a richer multimedia experience. The elders can watch their favourite movies and dramas without buffering glitches. They are also able to monitor investment stocks with a much faster response time. Fibre has improved the e-learning and online gaming experience for my children. Communication with co-workers and suppliers is faster and better from the comfort of my own home, leaving me more time to spend with my family,” Ong said.

The second prize, a Samsung Galaxy Camera, was awarded to Chow Wai Hong Nigel, 27, a real estate salesperson who works from home. “My fibre connection has allowed me to set up my own cloud storage where I can save all my information and access it on the go. I can now ensure the security of my files without having to depend on third party hosting applications. The speed is incredible and has made a world of difference to my online gaming experience. The word ‘buffering’ doesn’t exist in my Internet vocabulary anymore.”

Third prize winner Orion Kew, 31, is a manager in the international education sector. “The use of fibre broadband has brought significantly greater satisfaction when it comes to my family’s online experiences. My parents are able to practice an active lifestyle in their 60s through the use of social tools to connect with friends and keep up with the news. They no longer have to depend on anyone to troubleshoot issues stemming from inconsistent Internet speed when accessing their preferred websites, uploading pictures or watching their favourite shows. Fibre has brought a glitch-free web experience that allows my family to truly benefit from the accessibility of the Internet,” Orion said. When asked what he’ll do with his prize – a brand new iPad Mini – Orion said his mother will be most happy to use it.

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