Samsung GALAXY S4 launch with Gangnam Style Song (video)

Samsung launched Samsung GALAXY S4 in India. This post is not about the event but just about the singing in this event. I don’t know what you think. I felt strange watching them singing Gangnam Style with the lyrics changed to reflect the features of S4.


I am not sure what went wrong. If you listen to the lyrics, they are alright (stating the specs of the phone). However, the overall feel about the singing and the dancing cheapens the whole affair (sorry, Samsung, this is my feel).

Maybe, this is a another idea deriving from the Samsung Unpacked event that has Broadway style acting. It sounds appropriate to have singing since most India movies will have singing in them. Anyway, I am not sure if this song will get out of my head. Here is the video. BTW, I still like the Singapore launch 🙂 .


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