Starcount Social Star Awards 2013 is here

On 23rd and 24th May 2013, Singapore social scene will be lighted up with social stars and celebrities from all over the world. Starcount, the company behind this event, is going to bring in big stars like Psy, Blush, Cee Lo Green to this exclusive event.


If you remember, last year, Starcount promised a big event this year to give away the social stars award. I think this promise has been fulfilled. If you look at their website now, you will see there are so many activities (socially) over there.

There will be an app to let fans build up their scores. The fans with highest scores might be able to get a free trip to Singapore for this event. For those who cannot make it, they can watch the event live on YouTube.

For those who has doubts over this event, check this out. Their partners are Marina Bay Sands, Google+, YouTube. Straits Times is the official Media Partner.


There are tickets sale for both the awards and the concert (on the 24th May). Check them out too.


The tickets to the concert starts from S$150. There are other interesting ticket category like the Social Suite (S$50,000 for 25 guests for 2 nights).

Click Here to check out the Starcount Social Star Awards