Tech21 Impact Casing for your Samsung GALAXY S4 (video)

Check out the new range of Tech21 Impactology cases for the new Samsung GALAXY S4. What is interesting is the protective nature of the cases. They are available now at T-Mobile stores across the U.S.

Impact Mesh – Smokey or Dark Blue

The casing features D30 Impact Material that protects the phone. Check out the technology in this video.

There are other cases too (Note: I was provided the pricing but I have some doubts over them when I compare them with their online store. Will verify again).

Impact Snap – Black, White or Purple


Impact Snap with Cover – Black or Pink



Impact Mesh – Smokey or Dark Blue


Impact Maze – Pink or Clear

Here is their official website.

Click here to see GALAXY S4 Casing at Tech21 Online Shop


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